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Friday, February 11, 2011

Force YouTube Quality & Skips with url Modifications

You'll need:
A web browser.

YouTube takes into account the device you browse the site with. The quality of the videos, depends upon the device you're using. You can force high quality vids by pasting:


at the end of the url.

Wanna share a video with someone, but you'd like to save that someone the frustration of a annoying/lengthy opening titles or introductions? Force the player to skip to a specific time in the video by pasting:


at the end of the url. Where XX = the minutes elapsed. And YY equals the seconds elapsed.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Use Goog|e to down|oad music

[For Educational Purposes]

You'll need:
-A web browser

Ever just need to quickly download a song for free?

1) Navigate to Goog|e

2) In the search bar type: intitle:index.of [This allows us to search for indexes, which are usually unprotected.]

3) After a space, type: -inurl:(shtml|html|htm|php|jsp) [This allows us to weed out some (not all) "junk" results.]

4) After a space, type: (mp3) [This is the type of file we want. You may add .wav's by typing (mp3|wav) instead.]

5) After a space, type song name in quotation marks. For example: "Joshua Tree"

6) Hit enter. Look for results that make sense. For instance, a result that mentions "U2" if we searched "Joshua tree" is very promising.

7) Click the result's "Cached" button. This will highlight the song title you inputted.

8) Right-click and save.

FU tl;dr Version 
Paste: intitle:index.of "last modified" -inurl:(shtml|html|htm|php|jsp) (mp3) "song name" into Goog|e. Look for songs in the results.

Some advertisers know about this method. You may run into a fake link taking you to commercial website. It's annoying but harmless.